Economic Literacy Project

Environment and Literacy Project

An Economic Literacy Project (ELP) for the Environmental Community: Helping to Build a Smarter and Sustainable Economy


The Economic Literacy Project (ELP) centres on training and knowledge building that supports the development of a smarter and sustainable economy.

The training program consists of a series of six, ½ day training workshops this fall at the Centre for Social Innovation – Spadina in Toronto that will build ENGO capacity by increasing knowledge and understanding of economic concepts and their role in supporting a green economy. This combination of classroom training, information sharing and convening is designed to provide a pulse of capacity building to environmental leaders and affiliated partners and allies. The training stream takes a case-based approach to address key economic concepts, their assumptions, key measures and gaps, and their strengths and limitations.

The instructor of the program is Eric Miller, a consulting ecological economist and contract faculty at York University. He has experience serving the Ontario and Federal governments as a public servant and has helped hundreds of students through his teaching of undergraduate and graduate students at York University and Queen’s University. Eric earned economic degrees from York University and McMaster and a biology degree from Carleton. He is an active member of Canadian Society for Ecological Economics.


Meet the Class of Spring 2016 (Click Here)

The third set of workshops was delivered in the spring of 2016 and included several ENGOs such as TNC Canada, Ecojustice, Peterborough GreenUP, Pembina Institute and other organizations/institutions like Fleming College, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Ivey Foundation and IISD.

Ashley Manson


Beth Williston

Claire-Helene Heese-Boutin

Daphne Paszterko

Eli Angen

Elissa Becket

Nidhi Tandon

Erich Vogt

Henry Bakker

Ian Nokes

Kaitlyn Mitchell

Melissa Harris

Janessa Grosset

Reuben DeBoer

Ryan Ness

Samiera Zafar

Sarah Steenhoek

Stephanie Allen

Susanna Klopfer

Meet the Class of Fall 2015 (Click Here)

The second set of workshops was delivered in the fall of 2015 and included representatives of several ENGOs represented last time (WWF Canada, Ducks Unlimited, Ontario Nature, Environmental Defence, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Canada) but this time Greenpeace, Conservation Ontario, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Planet in Focus as well.

Alex Speers-Roesch


Anne Bell

Felix Whitton

Gillian Woolmer

Isabella Sulpizio

Jane Lewington


Jessica Fisher

Jo-Anne Rzadki

Kevin Nugent

Merebeth Switzer

Michael Paskewitz


Patrick DeRochie

Ray Nakano

Rebekah Church

Rob Grand

Sandy Hoang

Sarah Zachariah

Sean O’Flynn

Sucheta Rajagopal

Susan Walmer

Terry Rees

Kristie Virgoe

Meet the Class of Spring 2015 (Click Here)

The first set of workshops was delivered this past spring and participants included representatives of numerous key environmental organizations including WWF Canada, Global Forest Watch, Ivey Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Ontario Nature, Environmental Defence, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Windfall Ecology Centre, Wildlife Conservation Canada and Sustainalytics.

Lara Ellis


Sarah Winterton

Brent Kopperson

Thomas Bowers

Josh Wise

Biz Agnew


Wynet Smith

Atiya Jafar

Agnieszka Rum

Nancy Goucher

Gary Nielsen


Pegi Dover

David Parsons

John Parker

Robin Skeates

Barbara Anderson

Alexandra Service

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