March 4th and 5th workshops are now full though.

A training workshop for environmental NGOs organized by Sustainability Network, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.



This interactive workshop will introduce you to Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), a powerful toolkit for environmental change. Whether your issues are wildlife or water taking permits, alvars or air quality, greenhouse gases or gravel pits, you want to ensure you have the full range of tools at your disposal. The EBR is designed to boost public engagement with Ontario’s environmental laws and policies.
This half-day workshop is your chance to ask questions and learn about:

The Environmental Registry: Master the basics (and some of the finer points) of the Environmental Registry – a versatile and searchable online database for thousands of current environmental proposals and past decisions of the Ontario government. Learn the rules and best practices for submitting comments to the government – comments the government must consider in its decision-making.

Reviews and Investigations: This EBR tool lets the public be proactive in bringing environmental concerns and solutions to the government’s attention. Ontarians from all walks of life have submitted over 600 applications since the EBR was enacted. Learn, for example, how two students used the EBR to prompt the government to prohibit by-laws that barred use of a proven energy saver: the outdoor clothesline.

Other EBR rights: learn about your rights to request appeals of certain site-specific decisions on licences, approvals and other environmental instruments. For example, this tool can give members of the public a say on conditions in a company’s water taking permit.

Reports of the Environmental Commissioner (ECO): The ECO has a mandate to produce Annual Reports on several subject areas, placing a wealth of information and unique analysis at your fingertips.

The Environmental Commissioner: the Commissioner will share personal reflections on the EBR’s past 20 years.


Gord Miller: The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province’s independent environmental watchdog, appointed by the Legislative Assembly.

Michelle Kassel: As a Senior Manager at the ECO, Michelle will draw on her legal background to illuminate the role of the EBR in the larger legislative framework.

Mike Parkes: The ECO has produced over 30 reports on many specialized subjects. Mike will have advice on how you can put them to work. Mike has extensive expertise in energy and climate change, and is a Senior Policy and Decision Analyst at the ECO.

Tyler Schulz: Tyler will share practical “Dos and Don’ts “on the EBR reviews and investigations tools, and will show how the tool has helped members of the public achieve environmental gains. Tyler is a Senior Policy and Decision Analyst at the ECO, with first-hand experience on hundreds of EBR applications.
For out-of-town non-profits, some reimbursement for receipted travel expenses will be available but must be pre-approved. Please specify the travel you will be undertaking upon registration.