The Direct Management Assistance (DMA) Projects:

The pdf document below is a brief description of each of the six projects. We hope you will find inspiration here to undertake similar work in your organization and any of the contacts listed below would be pleased to describe how their projects came about.

Session One: May 2010

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Staff and board members of the six participating environmental NGOs met to learn about organizational assessment and development and, in particular, to learn about the opportunities and challenges faced by their peers in other similar organizations.


Session Two: March 2011

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The session was designed so that participants would walk away with having learned from each other’s DMA experiences, strengthened their networks and with a renewed personal and professional commitment to their organization and the cause.


Session Three: November 2011

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Participants met to report to peers on their DMA projects and to learn about the Aspen Institute’s theory of change planning tool. The theory of change component was designed to provide participants with greater clarity about the long term outcomes they are seeking through their organizational efforts.