Sustainable development, environmental justice, climate change. Each is a frame on the most complex systemic challenges our species has ever faced. Over the past 30 years however we've proven adept at achieving global economic growth while our various sustainability challenges have become more dire. Some now contend we need to shift to a new economic system altogether. Bruce Lourie argues that it’s still possible to work within what we've got, and this is reflected in the Ivey Foundation's initiatives which exemplify this philosophy, including the foundation’s latest direction on economy and the environment.

Come join for a provocative conversation between Bruce Lourie and Mike Morrice, as we begin to solicit perspectives on the green economy.

Bruce Lourie is one of Canada’s most influential leaders and thinkers in the environmental sector. With a 20-year career built on creating collaborative solutions to challenges facing non-profits, government and the private sector, Bruce boasts an expertise on toxic substances, green energy, forest conservation, and environmental philanthropy. Bruce is the president of the Ivey Foundation, a private charitable foundation focusing on environmental policy change, and best selling co-author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck and Toxin Toxout.

Mike Morrice has spent his career galvanizing community-led transitions to a greener economy. He founded Sustainable Waterloo Region and then Sustainability CoLab, which he now leads.

Paul Bubelis is Executive Director of Sustainability Network and he will serve as the MC.

Green Economy Perspectives is part of the Sustainability Network’s Economic Literacy Project. Enviro-ELP offers training and outreach to ENGOs to help us transition toward a green economy.