Prairie Learning Network

Environmental groups that are focused on water issues in Alberta have a central role in shaping community action and policy regarding this critical resource. The Alberta Water Learning Network 2009-2010 brings together water leaders for a series of retreats that build understanding between organizations and individuals, strengthen management capacity among these leading organizations and explore ways of working together.

This project is unique because the sessions offered are engaging and provide practical skills building activities and an opportunity for participants to reflect and share openly their goals, challenges and aspirations. The Learning Network is much more than a workshop or conference – it’s an opportunity to learn with peers, reflect on the work in a broader context and recharge for the work ahead.

Session One: April 2006

One output of this first Learning Network was a mapping exercise that allowed participants to explore “forces affecting the building of resources in Prairie ENGOs.

Session Two: September 2006

The session theme was external communications.

Session Three: April 2007

The session theme was strategy and planning in uncertain times