May 2, 2019
1-2 PM ET

*A recording of the webinar will be made available to all those who register. The recording will only be available until July 2, 2019.

You might be surprised to learn that Canada does not recognize a legal right to live in a healthy environment – a failure that puts Canada offside the vast majority of UN nations, which do recognize such a right.

This presentation and the followup discussion will look at the concrete benefits that legal recognition of the right to live in a healthy environment can bring, and will discuss how this recognition could be achieved in Canada.

How do environmental rights actually drive environmental protection?
Litigating our way to legal recognition of environmental rights.
Reforming our laws to recognize environmental rights.

Ian will consider learnings from jurisdictions around the world that recognize rights and what this has achieved in those jurisdictions; the Charter of Rights, including sections 2, 7 and 15; and the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights and other EBRs/proposed EBRs, and other statutes like the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and efforts to reform it.

About Ian Miron

Ian Miron has worked as a staff lawyer at Ecojustice since 2014, after working for the organization as both a summer student and an articling student. He holds degrees in environmental biology from Queen’s University and law from Osgoode Hall Law School. His practice focuses on environmental issues linked to air pollution and offshore oil and gas, as well as protecting the marine environment and advancing the recognition of environmental rights in Canada.