Brand Strategy & Design

Thursday, September 20, 2018
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern Time

Cost: $35 

*All those who register for the webinar will receive a link to a recording of the session within 24 hours after the webinar ends.

A strong brand underpins and supports an organization’s ability to achieve its goals. It is recognized and respected, and conveys what makes an organization unique. Creating and maintaining a brand requires clarity, strategy and a systematic approach to communications and design. In this webinar you will explore the challenges facing organizations as brands are tested by competing interests, goals and stakeholders. You will learn how to assess your organization’s approach to branding both itself and its programs and offerings, and how to improve brand cohesion. From the basics of visual identity design to sub-branding architectures, this webinar will help your organization’s brand build greater volunteer, staff and supporter alignment, increase fundraising opportunities and enhance market positioning.

Second Revolution Communications is pleased to host this webinar, for those with beginner to intermediate knowledge, that will build your organization’s marketing and communication capacity to maximize your public engagement and fundraising activities.

This webinar provides you with valuable insights and practical skills to create and implement communication strategies that successfully meet your organizational objectives. They are essential training for communications staff, subject matter experts, and program leads who are involved in planning programs, developing and executing communications plans, and crafting messages for the public.


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