Date: Tuesday, October 30
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM


A day long training workshop with Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors (, an organization which works with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve, and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen.

The goal for the day will be to take a fresh look at strategic planning that’s inspiring, energizing and
productive. You’ll learn about how to connect strategic planning with your impact in the world –
developing plans that are clear, doable and make a difference.

Introductions and an Ice-breaker

You’ll meet everyone in the room, as everyone shares their impressions of strategic planning, to allow us
to test the topics of interest and gauge the experience of participants. This is also a fun networking

Effective Strategic Planning Overview

What does effective strategic planning look like and why should you care? We’ll provide an overview of
strategic planning and our approach to tying it to impact in a concrete, actionable and inspiring way.
We’ll also share case studies.

Starting with the End in Mind

We’ll provide examples to show the importance of being clear on what your organization is trying to
achieve, and how to align your strategic planning with this objective. We’ll then share tools and give you a chance to get your feet wet on developing what that might be for your own organization, to provide a compass for your strategic planning work. You’ll get feedback from coaches and peers to take back with

Things Change

We need a long-term plan, but we also know that things will change. We’ll look at how we can use
measurement and evaluation, change management and a learning agenda to build your organization’s
planning capacity, so that you’ll be able to see what’s changing and adapt your strategic plan as you go.

We’ll again look at examples and give you a chance to try some of this on for size for your own

Sending you home.

We’ll spend the last part of our session sharing your learning and tackling anticipated challenges. You’ll be ready to show your organization that you have been thinking ahead and you’re ready to make the
most of your strategic planning process.

Registration for the workshop is $100 per person. Fee includes entry, handouts, coffee, snacks and a catered lunch.